Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You asked for it and it's back.

This constipated world we live in said, "We don't need a website full of badly doctored images containing the words 'done a poo'", but we stuck two fingers up at that, wiggled them about a bit, and got things moving again. Much to everyone's relief, the drought of celebrity defecation is over!

Re: Comments.
Our infinite wisdom wasn't quite so infinite as we had thought. Haloscan flipped the bird at all us free-loaders, so in the best traditions of the Con-Dem government, we've done a u-turn and reinstated Blogger comments.

Sadly, this means that your previous Haloscan comments are no longer available for you to peruse here, but happily the ones from before Haloscan that we were keeping to one side for possible future blackmailing scams have reappeared.

We hope you enjoy the old commenty goodness, and continue to leave your views, insults and threats of physical harm with us.

Thank you.

E. Windsor

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